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The Quickie® Xtender™ provides power assist to a manual wheelchair, allowing users to maintain the look, control, and functionality of a manual wheelchair. The Xtender increases the distance traveled and the efficiency of propulsion without additional physical exertion.

Xtender Highlights:
• Increases the force applied to the handrims by a factor of 4. 30% increased driving power. Have energy to go where you want to go!
• Includes quick-release wheels to easily change from manual to assisted propulsion – Now with incorporated motor and hub.
• Easy to transport-The system is slim and reduced overall width
• Automatic synchronized wheels provide ensure smooth and straight propulsion
• Advanced battery technology : NiMH comes standard or with Li Ion option. Li Ion nearly doubles the range possible
• Easy customisation of speeds and sensitivity

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Overall Weight

17 kg

Available Handrims

Plastic Coated
Stainless Steel

Battery Capacity

NiMH = 7hrs / Li Ion = 9hrs

Time to Fully Charge

NiMH = 2.5 to 3hrs
Li Ion = 3 – 4.5hrs

Maximum Range

NiMH = 15 kms
Li Ion = 27 kms

Weight Capacity

120 kg


2 years (Battery – 1 year)


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