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Sunrise_QM710_Stand Up

Combining the indoor agility and outdoor high performance of the QM-710 with a multi-functional seat, you‘re now able to enjoy both seated and standing positions from the comfort of your QM-710 STAND UP.

With a simple touch of a button, be eye-toeye with the world around you and enjoy all of the benefits of a standing wheelchair – combined with the freedom & independence
that only the QM-710 STAND UP can provide.

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Max. user weight

120 kg

Caster wheel options:

14” drive wheels; 6” castor

Seat width:

40 – 50 cm

Seat depth:

40 – 52 cm

Seat angle:

0° – 22°

Backrest angle:

90° – 175°

Seat memory functions:

sitting, stand-up, lie-down, relax,transfer

Max. speed:

6 kph, 10 kph

Battery size:

60 and 70 AmpH

Max. dynamic stability:

10° (18%)

Overall width:

63 cm

Turning radius:

max. 91 cm

Max. range (ISO 7176 4):

32 km (40 km with 70 AmpH battery)

Max. kerb climbing:

10 cm

Colour choices:

3 colours – red, blue & white

Transport (ISO 7176 19):

4 Point tie-down system


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