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The Quickie® QRi™ is an entry level lightweight rigid chair with a strong and innovative frame design perfect for users on the go.

Frame Design
• Lightweight and durable aluminium frame with a 120 kg weight capacity
• Open frame and fluid caster housing design for a stylish look Commuter Options
• WC-19 Transit Approved at 120 kg.
• Small footprint for maneuverability and easy transport Simple Option Mix
• Optional 1” front frame inset
• .5”– 3” center of gravity axle plate adjustment
• 75°, 80°, and 85° front frame angle options
• Basic range of adjustability & options to meet common user needs

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Frame Style

Rigid – Open

Overall Weight

10 kg

Weight Capacity

120 kg

Seat Widths

12” to 20”

Seat Depths

12” to 20”

Back Angle Adjustment

-8° to 17°


14” to 20”

Front STFH

15” to 20”

Frame Angles

75o, 80o, 85o


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