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You drive our design. In development, we consider how you interact with the chair and how both can work as one to maintain maximum efficiency, performance, style and fit. Before you receive the chair, the product undergoes rigorous testing above and beyond the required testing necessary for federal guidelines. Through our focus on these core elements: design, development and testing; these chairs are designed by you and for you.

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Frame Style

Rigid – open

Transport Weight

5.6 kg

Overall Weight

9.7 kg

User Weight Capacity

120 kg

Seat Width

12” to 20” 30.5 cm to 50.8 cm

Seat Depth

12” to 22” 30.5 cm to 55.9 cm

Back Angle Adjustment

85° to 102°

Front Seat To Floor Height

16” to 21” 40.6 cm to 53.3 cm

Rear Seat to Floor Height

13” to 20” 33 cm to 50.8 cm

Frame Angle

75°, 80°, 85°


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